Peregrine City



Peregrine City, founded in 1972, stands where the Old World city of Boston once did. In the war and the restoration movements that followed, the power of chosen reshaped much of the landscape. The Americans could have rebuilt anywhere, so why Boston? The decision came from one family with a lot of money: the Wilders.

Alistair Wilder, the head of the family, came to the restoration movement with a massive sum of money that nobody knows the source of. Any investigations of the Wilders’ riches have met dead ends. With his wealth, Alistair Wilder took control of the restoration movement, and placed it firmly in Boston. Most assume that Mr. Wilder and his family lived in Boston before the war, and the decision was a sentimental one.

Construction started in 1971. With the help of the mysterious Zero—a strange divergent similar to the modern Eclipse—and armies of other chosen, the city rose quickly. The western half of the city rose first: Crossroads, Harrier, Courtyard Park, and Osprey. Soon after, walls went up around the city. The Wilders built a private area for themselves in Port Noble, which wasn’t yet part of the city. It took another few years before Peregrine City expanded to include the East City and Waterside regions.

Refugees from all across a war-blasted America came to Peregrine City. At some point, the locals started calling it “the Crush”, though the etymology of that nickname remains unclear. The older, more industrial West City quickly became crowded and dangerous. Gangs formed—EVO, Outcast Nation, Mekhanika, Seinaru Guntai, and eventually the shadowy Lineage and Dynasty. For the most part, the Peregrine City Police Department is able to keep the citizens safe, but still recommends that people stay on their toes.

Peregrine City’s most notable bit of history came in 1996, when Mashina—the leader of the metal-chosen gang Mekhanika—broke down and went on a rampage through Harrier East. His gang had been experiencing difficulties claiming territory, so he decided to force everybody else out through violence. Mashina was eventually captured and imprisoned in Fort Cinder, but Harrier East remains ruined.

Peregrine City is looked to by the rest of the world as a symbol of modernization—especially East City and Waterside. Among other things, MINERVA’s global headquarters is in Port Noble, and most innovative technologies come out of Peregrine City. Furthermore, one of NATO’s most respected UNGC squads since Code Red themselves came out of the Crush. Dragon Saffron, led by Captain Kelly Rose, began here, and quickly proved themselves worth international attention.


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