Glossary (spoiler-free)

This page is a spoiler-free glossary of terms that appear in the world of The Crush. They are organized alphabetically, and feature bonus background info. If you find you’ve forgotten what something is, check it out here!

Byzantium Black: A UNGC squad from Peregrine City.

Chosen: A magic-user who can manipulate one of five elements: air, earth, fire, metal, or water. The term originates in a government investigation that discovered a common theme linking the mothers of all first-generation chosen: a note, in whatever the local language, reading ‘CHOSEN’. After the case went public, the term ‘chosen’ spread.

Coalition of Africa and West Asia (CAWA): A coalition of three city-states: Makkah, Nova Casablanca, and Cape City.

Code Bread: A popular coffee shop chain.

Code Red: The first UNGC squad, who actually predate the UNGC itself. Code Red was formed by the first-generation chosen Lucia Loyola, Arthur Hansen, Sam Kind, and Gwen LaFleure. In 1963, they banded together to rid the world of nuclear weapons (a goal which they achieved in 1965, at the cost of Sam Kind’s life). Most of the world agrees that Code Red saved the planet from nuclear annihilation. In modern times, Code Red is UNGC’s highest-alert squad, dispatched to deal with the gravest threats.

The Crush: The colloquial name for Peregrine City.

Divergent: The official name for a human with access to magic.

Dragon Saffron: A UNGC squad from Peregrine City.

Green Fields: A classy bar in Port Noble. Owned by the Gidley family.

The Greys: The area immediately beyond the walls of Peregrine City. Ruined remains of suburbs and infrastructure that has yet to be rebuilt.

Guardian Tower: UNGC buildings that coordinate activity in a region. Most large city-states have a guardian tower. These buildings include offices, barracks, armouries, and other facilities to oversee and support rangers in the field.

Hazard Zone: Any area designated as dangerous or unstable by UNGC. Rangers require clearance to enter a hazard zones, and must alert the local guardian tower that they are entering. This is because rangers are taught and ordered to expect hostile engagement at any moment, and to err on the side of offense rather than defense when confronted.

Iberia: A city-state on the Iberian Peninsula, and a member of NATO.

The Gidley Family: The second wealthiest family in Peregrine City. Constantly competing with the Wilders for influence. They own most things west of Wilder Avenue.

Mekhanika: A gang formed by the rogue Mashina. Traditionally operates in the Snarl, but also occasionally ventures into Harrier and other harbour areas.

MKUltra: A clandestine series of illegal experiments started by the United States Central Intelligence Agency, and later picked up again by unknown entities during and after the war. While originally intended to experiment with mind control, the project later encompassed efforts to alter and harness the supernatural energy of chosen. The project officially ended and was brought to light in the 1970s.

Modern Innovations for Everyday Advances (MINERVA): A science-and-tech group that works closely with UNGC. They research futuristic technologies for the sake of global progress.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO): In the years before the war, NATO was a military alliance. In the new age, it is a coalition of three city-states: Peregrine City, Queensdawn, and Iberia.

Peregrine City: The largest city-state in the Americas, and the only American city-state to be a member of NATO. Built on the ruins of Boston after the war.

Queensdawn: A city-state in the British Isles, and a member of NATO.

Ranger: A UNGC soldier, always a chosen.

Rogue: A chosen who uses their abilities for criminal ends.

Sheehan’s Pub: An Irish pub which Byzantium Black frequents.

South and East Asian Alliance (SEAA): A coalition of three city-states: Xinjing, Krakatoa, and Naya Himalaya.

St Kilda: A remote archipelago west of Scotland. In 2015, Dragon Saffron suffered a devastating defeat on the island of Hirta.

United Nations Guardian Council (UNGC): The organ of the United Nations which works with chosen to combat supernatural threats worldwide.

Walther Atlas: A handgun manufactured by Walther Arms, designed specifically for UNGC rangers. It has been the official UNGC sidearm since 1998.

The Wilder Family: An old and wealthy family that helped found Peregrine City. They own most of everything east of Wilder Avenue.


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