Cast (spoiler-free)

This is a spoiler-free rundown of named characters as they have appeared, sorted by category, then alphabetically by first name. If you find yourself forgetting who someone is, this is the place to check.

Point of View

Amber Sorrel: The second lieutenant of Dragon Saffron. Tough, loyal, and calculating, with proven skills. She’s metal-chosen, and uses her abilities to float handguns around her. Amber has manifested her natural sense for metal into superhuman accuracy.

Kelly Rose: The captain of Dragon Saffron. A loyal die-hard who fights for her friends. She’s a swordsman, using her metal-magic to enhance her swordplay and even achieve flight with strategically-placed armour.

Dragon Saffron and Friends

Brand Gidley: A standard ranger of Dragon Saffron. A natural charmer, with stylish armour and magnificent blond hair. He is water-chosen, and a scion of the wealthy Gidley family.

Hana Rose: The first lieutenant of Dragon Saffron, and Kelly’s cousin. A wildcard with a heart of gold. With her fire-magic, she can quickly take command of the battlefield.

Jessenia Sorrel: Amber’s younger sister. She’s been in hospital for several months following a car crash, with recovery eluding her at every turn.

Juliette Roy: A friend of Jessenia who often comes to visit her in hospital.

Layla Darwin: A paramedic who works as support staff for UNGC. Typically shy, but forward when it comes to doing her job. A normal human whose talents often belie her lack of magic.

Madi Riley: A former ranger of Dragon Saffron. She is naturally helpful and inclined towards being a sweetheart. She is fire-chosen, but no longer serves in the field after being paralyzed at St Kilda.

Byzantium Black

Blake Lenich: A standard ranger of Byzantium Black. Water-chosen.

Emery Carter: The first lieutenant of Byzantium Black. Earth-chosen. Captain November believes Carter will be promoted and lead his own team soon.

Matthias Kirya: A standard ranger of Byzantium Black. Fire-chosen.

Mel Anglehart: A standard ranger of Byzantium Black. Metal-chosen.

Taylor Shane: A standard ranger of Byzantium Black. Fire-chosen.

Tessa Jay: The second lieutenant of Byzantium Black. An earth-chosen with a sharp, tactical mind, and a subtle love for puns. She is driven yet lighthearted, and commands her team in all matters of battle.

Yancy November: Captain of Byzantium Black. Typically stoic and all business. An air-chosen who specializes in air support. An old associate of Dragon Saffron, and an admitted former fan.


Eclipse: A mysterious chosen with white hair and eyes who possesses powers nobody else does. Widely considered the most powerful being on Earth. She seems to work with UNGC to dismantle the greatest threats.

Maxime Vinier: The UNGC handler for Peregrine City. Stern and pragmatic, some would say he harbours a grudge against the Dragons.

Zero: An enigma similar to Eclipse, but from a different time. Zero, like Eclipse, had white hair and eyes, and wielded powers nobody else could. Zero first appeared in the Battle of Greenland, where he intervened to stop both sides from destroying each other. After that, he helped the United Nations rebuild the world. He disappeared near the turn of the millennium. Many theorize he may be Eclipse’s father.


Rogues Gallery

Artemis: A cloak-and-dagger figure who has been operating behind the scenes for an indeterminate amount of time. Whoever she is, she has an immense amount of resources and reach.

James McTavish: An English metal-chosen, originally from Queensdawn. He is responsible for the tragedy at St Kilda. Since then, he seems to have claimed a personal rivalry with Kelly Rose.

Kiber: The daughter of Mashina, who took over Mekhanika following her father’s defeat and capture.

Mashina: A Russian metal-chosen who went on a rampage through Harrier East, dooming the entire district to abandonment.



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