Heya. I’m azcetera, and I write web fiction.

As noted on the sidebar, I’ll be moving mostly everything to a new domain soon enough. I’ll leave The Crush here so as not to mess up the links on TVTropes and WebFictionGuide too much.

Working on The Crush was a lot of fun! I originally wanted it to be a longer, ongoing project. That didn’t happen, so I closed it off at one novella-length book. There’s a lot I would change if I wrote it again—mostly the hastily-written last half—but ah well. I’d like to think I grew and learned from writing it.

Anyway! It’ll be here. Cheers.


The Crush

Kelly and Amber are ready to get back at the world.

Last year, they lost half their team on a failed mission. They’ve vowed to never let their friends get hurt again—but that’s not an easy promise to keep, especially when their worst enemy shows up in town. More than anything else, they want to make things right.


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